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Erlo Stegen

Erlo Stegen (1935 - 2023)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Erlo Stegen in mp3 format. Used of God in the Zulu revival in South Africa. He helped found the Kwasizabantu Mission where a few thousand live on the mission doing work for the Lord. He shares a powerful burden for the purity of the Church and revival in the Church.

Many ministers have preached in their large conventions through the years namely David Wilkerson who enjoyed greatly the mission's work. They have established over 30 other missions around the work as a work of the Spirit of God.

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Revival Among the Zulus by Erlo Stegen

 Chosen For Obedience by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Obedience
Description: nil
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 Christ in us by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Christ In Us
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 13:1-8  
Description: Woe to us who have God's Word and are not transformed to hear and obey it. Sundar Singh said that salt dissolved in water may disappear but it doesn't cease to exist. We may be sure of its presence by tasting the water. Likewise the indwelling Christ may be realised by His love He imparts to us. Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. When you have Him you've found the way. When you have Him you have the Truth and abundant life. If Christ is a reality to you He leads and guides you. Everybody who tastes you will experience Christ.
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 Christ's Life In You by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Life
Scripture(s): Genesis 1:26  
Description: There is a word that exercises me of late. We easily get used to reading the word but there is a cry in my heart that the word will change our lives. It is important that our lives speak louder than our voices. Does the word change our lives? I pray that our lives will speak louder than our words. That is important to me. We have enough of hypocrisy. We say we are Christians but we get angry and don’t do anything about it. Genesis 1:26 God wanted man to rule over creation so that man would be the manager of creation. When God created man he wanted man to be like Him. He wanted to put man on earth so that he would represent God on earth. That was the heart of God when he created man. That was the duty of man on earth. When He created man He wanted man to be restored to what he should be. That’s why he gave Moses the commandments so that he would be in the image of God. "I give them my commandments so that they can be in my image and likeness."
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 Christ´s Ascension victory is yours - part 2 by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Resurrection
Description: nil
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 Clean But Empty by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Backsliding
Scripture(s): Luke 11:24-28  
Description: It is said that of those that make a decision for Christ, over 90% backslide. It is shocking. Billy Graham once said that in the beginning people came with tears because of their sins, but lately they come with smiles. There’s no true repentance. An evil spirit doesn’t find rest in the wilderness and then he decides to go back to the one he has left and see how it goes. Then he finds the house put in order and neat and he goes and finds seven others which he met in the wilderness, worse than himself, and they go and inhabit that person. It’s a dangerous thing to say you’ve made a decision for Christ but you don’t go all the way but only do it half-heartedly. The devil doesn’t like it in the wilderness. He wants to stay in a nice place, even in those made in God’s image.
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 Come let us build by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Building
Scripture(s): Nehemiah 2:17  
Description: A certain lady was worried that she was getting older and remaining single. One day she was very distressed and went to pray outside under a tree for a husband. She worked herself up emotionally and eventually she shouted (some Christians like to pray louder and louder and work themselves up to a crechendo, thinking that by their sheer volume they will be heard of God. They fail to distinguish between the soul and spirit). An owl in the tree was startled by her crying and let out "whooo". She replied, "anybody, Lord". Don't be obsessed with marriage lest you end up with a washout of a husband. Let God be your first priority.
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 Contend for the Faith by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Faith
Description: nil
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 Cyprus - conflict and victory by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Victory
Description: nil
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 Daniels more excellent Spirit (Zulu/English) by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Daniel
Description: nil
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 David's Repentance by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Repentance
Scripture(s): Psalm 51:1-19  
Description: Sin doesn't remain alone. It hatches more. When David found that Uriah would not go home he hatched another plan to murder her husband through the hands of his enemies. David says he sinned against God alone and did what was evil in God's sight. We might say he sinned against people, against Bathsheba and Uriah. But David recognized against whom his true sin was. Consider that when you sin against another the greater part of your sin is against God. You might hide your sin from people little realizing God was present all the while.
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 Dead to sin; alive to God by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Dead To Sin
Scripture(s): Mark 16:15-18  
Description: nil
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 Dead with Christ and risen with Him by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Dead With Christ
Description: nil
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 Dealing With Temptation by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Temptation
Scripture(s): Genesis 39:7-18, Job 31:1  
Description: Every Christian should have made a covenant with his eyes not even to look upon temptation. Some temptations only need a spark before it brings forth sin. Remember Job who made a covenant with his eyes not even to look upon a young girl, a virgin (Job 31:1). Why would you live among sinners and those who are corrupt in word and deed. A person is known by his friends. Look at who your friends are, then you know who you are. In Ps 1 we read that "blessed is the man who walk not after the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful".
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 Diligence in God´s Work - more lessons from Nehemiah by Erlo Stegen

Topic: God's Work
Scripture(s): Nehemiah 2:17- 20  
Description: The matter we find here is not directly related to the Christmas story but nevertheless contains and essential part of the Gospel for Jesus came into this world to "save His people from their sins" and set them on fire for Him and make them truly diligent in His work. Nehemiah had a cushy job in Persia. His position meant that the King's life was in His hands and he was also an advisor to him. Yet, his concern was for the condition of God's work in Jerusalem. As distant as he was Nehemiah still felt godly zeal for the Lord and His people. We find that he was able to inspire the Lord's people to work so zealously that they completed the rebuilding of the walls in 52 days - humanly impossible but with God, all things are possible. They both defended God's work and built, at the same time, despite all opposition.
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 Do As The Lord Leads by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Leading
Scripture(s): 2 Chronicles 7:11-14  
Description: When God spoke to Solomon He said, " When I shut up the heavens and there is no rain or send pestilence, if My people will humble themselves and pray, I will forgive them." In 1966 in the USSR there was a believer. He was arrested because he was a Christian. When I went there I also had to meet in a forest like the believers had to at that time. Many Christians didn’t want to be in the government endorsed church. They were put on a train to northern Siberia where it is dark for six months. Many Christians died in northern Siberia from the cold. They threw him off the train so that he would die. It was very cold there and you can freeze to death. He fell into a very deep sleep. The cold caused him to want to sleep which is dangerous. Your brain can be frozen. When he woke up he said, "What’s happening? I feel warm." It was a bear from the forest. A bear is very dangerous. He found himself embraced by the bear. He said, "Lord, you have sent a ferocious animal to help me." When he woke up, the bear also woke up. It ran off and returned with a packet. It had food and bread inside. He ate the bread that had butter and jam on it. He also gave some to the bear. What an amazing work of God!
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 Do not be Unbelieving, but Believing by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Unbelieving
Scripture(s): John 20:19-31  
Description: This is a great matter indeed! The disciples were in the room at night, behind a locked door for fear of the Jews. Suddenly Jesus was among them saying, "Peace be with you". Jesus needs no key to enter the room. Even if there’s no door, He can go right through the wall. Then He showed them His hands and feet. You’ve heard how his majesty said unashamedly that Jesus is His Lord before the whole world. Jesus said that he who is ashamed of Me, of him I will be ashamed before the Father and His holy angels (Luke 9:26). A certain very prominent judge in Germany has said that if all the evidence and witnesses in the Bible be judged in a court of law, the verdict would be clear that indeed Jesus had risen from the dead! If you refuse to believe after all the evidence had been laid out before you, no wonder that your condemnation in hell will be just.
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 Do not fear by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Fear
Description: nil
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 Do Not Fear To Take Mary by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Engagement
Scripture(s): Matthew 1:20  
Description: If you want to get engaged it is good that you pray about it. Easy to make a wrong decision when you go by your will and not God’s, what you like, what looks good etc. Better to look at qualities in a girl than outside appearance. Men, pray to the Lord, don’t listen to your feelings. Ralph prayed for a wife and this verse came to him. Should he take it figuratively he thought? Prayed that the right girl would be in the service. Maria sat in front of him. He knew Maria was a virtuous woman. He knew she was the right one, the one God wants him to marry.
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 Do you love Me more than these? by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Serving God
Description: nil
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 Doing Gods will by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Will Of God
Description: nil
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