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 (Luke) 43 - The Unjust Judge by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 17:20-18:8  
Description: The way Jesus comes is the way He always comes--by revelation. Ed shares how "one of the days" of the Son of Man differs from THE day of the Lord. Just like those common ordinary days of Noah and Lot, as you're just doing the most common thing, Christ will dawn on you. The parable of the unjust judge teaches us always to trust and look at God's heart, not His actions, and by misjudging Him end up fainting.
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 (Luke) 44 - The Mercy Of God by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 18:9-30  
Description: The parable of the Pharisee and the publican teaches that those who trust in themselves will not be justified. The infants brought to the Lord Jesus pictured the helpless dependence of those fall helplessly into the arms of Christ for salvation. The rich young ruler demonstrates the hopelessness of works to be saved, but is a mighty miracle of God, as miraculous as a camel (the largest animal of Palestine) going through the eye of a needle (the smallest opening).
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 (Luke) 45 - Bartimaeus by Ed Miller

Topic: Bartimaeus
Scripture(s): Luke 18:18-43  
Description: The disciples' confusion over such clear words about Jesus' suffering and death shows us that clear words are not clear words without illumination. The healing of Bartimaeus serves as a climactic miracle highlighting that point. Among many observations of this incident, Jesus gives eyesight to those who seek it.
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 (Luke) 46 - Trinity-Zacchaeus by Ed Miller

Topic: Zacchaeus
Scripture(s): Luke 19:1-10  
Description: The story of Zacchaeus summarizes God's salvation is three wonderful ways. First, salvation is God seeking man, not man seeking God. Secondly, salvation means a radical transformation, like this chief tax collector's public confession to restore fourfold. Lastly, real salvation is intimate fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
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 (Luke) 47 - Trinity-Parable Of The Pound by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 19:11-27  
Description: Ed analyzes the parable of the pound (or mina) as contrasted with Matthew's parable of the talent as the summary of Jesus' teaching ministry. The most important part of the second coming is not the second coming but on the One who is coming again.
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 (Luke) 48 - Palm Sunday-Luke19 by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 19:28-44  
Description: In the Lord's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, we see both the cross and the crown. In several ways it truly was a triumphal entry (though veiled), for in foretaste it pictured Jesus as the Lord of the universe, the one who tames creation, and His coming as the King. Yet it also was a "non-triumphal" entry, as evidenced by His appearing on a humble donkey and His anguished weeping over the city.
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 (Luke) 49 - Cleansing Of The Temple-Chap19 by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 19:45-48, Jeremiah 7:1-4  
Description: Ed offers 4 observations to aid in understanding this second cleansing of the temple, such as seeing it in light of Jeremiah 7, contrasting the outer glory with the inner corruption, and studying the background of the convenience animals. Jesus weeps over externalism, looking to Him in a lighthearted way, worldliness, mixture, and prejudice. He comes to flip over everything in our lives that is not Christ, then He can begin to teach us.
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 (Luke) 50 - Trinity Revelation-Patience-Image Of God by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 20:1-26  
Description: Ed examines the first 3 of 5 clashes between Jesus and the religious leaders (in chapter 20) from two viewpoints: from the level of earth and from the heart of God. Bigger than the question of authority is the principle of revelation. Christ will always be silent to those who do not seriously want to know the truth. In the parable of the wicked vinedressers, though it pictures the judgment upon unfaithful Israel, more than that it pictures the amazing longsuffering of God.
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 (Luke)01 - Introduction by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 1:1-4, Acts 1:1  
Description: In the first part of his introduction, Ed Miller presents Luke in the context of the Bible. As the only Gentile author, Luke offers a unique perspective and Ed begins by outlining six main themes. He begins with Jesus' own pronouncement of Himself as the Son of Man, continues with His compassion for the downtrodden and through His relationship with women and children, He is presented as an impartial God who is truly the Saviour of all mankind.
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 (Sabbath Miracles) 01 - Nazareth Grain Field by Ed Miller

Topic: Sabbath
Scripture(s): Luke 4:16-19, Matthew 12:1-8  
Description: Jesus came to rescue His beautiful Sabbath that became encrusted over with the barnacles of man's rules and traditions. Ed's introductory lesson touches upon the first Sabbath truth in the Lord's preaching on the Sabbath in Nazareth and develops the reality of walking with Jesus in the grain fields of life in which He satisfies our every hunger!
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 (Sabbath Miracles) 02 - Unclean Spirit by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Mark 1:21-31, Luke 4:31-39  
Description: Jesus' casting out the unclean spirit shows what a "Sabbath surrender" is all about. "Anything that is not the fullness of the Holy Spirit," says brother Ed, "can be included under unclean spirit, and we need to be delivered." The healing of fever has a message for us about rest and service. Christian service is designed by God in Sabbath truth to be spontaneous, from natural weakness to supernatural strength, and a byproduct of union with Him.
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 (Sabbath Miracles) 03 - Bethesda John 5 by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): John 5:1-15  
Description: The healing of the lame man is a picture of Sabbath liberty, a life free from condemnation. Growth in this liberty generates conflict, for true heart obedience resembles disobedience in the eyes of the religious.
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 (Sabbath Miracles) 04 - Withered Hand Blind by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 6:6-11, John 9  
Description: The withered hand is hand shriveled, cut off, unusable and paralyzed; that is how we are trying to obey God's commandments in our power. We need a perpetual miracle as we look into Jesus' face and He works a mighty miracle by the power of God for every obedience. The man born blind shows that Sabbath vision is when you see Jesus bigger and bigger and fellowship with Him outside the camp.
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 (Sabbath Miracles) 05 - Humped Woman Dropsy by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 13:10-17, Luke 14:1-6  
Description: The body of the humped over woman pictures a life bound looking at the things of earth and unable to walk uprightly before God. This miracle depicts Sabbath victory by bringing your burden to the Lord. The clincher miracle, the healing of the man with dropsy, pictures the hug of Jesus to set us free from who we are--poison all through our system that bloats our flesh and discolors our appearance.
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 (Spiritual Preparedness #1) The Remnant Church by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Revelation 1  
Description: The remnant church is pictured in John on his face before a vision of the risen Savior by the Holy Spirit. "If I'm not seeing Him in this Book now when He makes Himself known now," says brother Ed, "I will not be ready to welcome Him when He comes back." The only one problem we can have in the Christian life is to take our eyes off the full revelation of Christ in Revelation chapter 1.
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 (Spiritual Preparedness #2) The Spirit's Warning To His Church by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Revelation 2-3  
Description: In the seven churches of Revelation is a warning of seven different possibilities of taking our eyes off the Lord Jesus and not be ready for His coming. Ephesus starts with the most common way believers take their eyes off Christ through ministry and service and with each church becomes increasingly more subtle. Brother Ed's burden is to simplify the Scriptures to see God's heart in each warning to stay steadfast to Jesus.
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 (The Path Of The Ark #1) Introduction Hunger by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 1-3  
Description: The path of the Ark of the Covenant tells a spiritual story. It answers the questions: How can Christ be King in my life and how can He be happy? The Ark lay still for 350 years until the deep cry from Hannah for fruit for God stirred God up to move again. Samuel is the kind of priesthood that moves the heart of God: a little child at rest before the throne of God ready to listen.
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 (The Path Of The Ark #2) Enemy by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 2-4  
Description: The capturing of the Ark of God by the Philistines is both a sad event but also good news, for it is the first step towards finding a resting place at Solomon's temple. The Philistines are that natural part of me (the flesh, the old man) that must be dealt with first. Having Samuel (the child heart, the resting heart, the listening ear) in our lives does not secure victory over the lordship of the Philistines; it is only the starting point. (NOTE: the message was cut off at 41 minutes).
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 (The Path Of The Ark #3) God Rejects Flesh by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 4:1-6:18  
Description: The public enemy number one was not the Philistines but the corrupt priesthood. The Philistines' capture of the Ark revolves around our natural man trying to make the Ark (Jesus) happy. God humbles us with plagues and does a mighty miracle to show us that there is no resting place for Him in our flesh.
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 (The Path Of The Ark #4) Christ Preeminent by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 6:13-7:14  
Description: Why the great slaughter at Beth Shemesh when the people looked at the Ark? A divided heart. It is not enough to just look unto Jesus, but looking unto Jesus ALONE (in order words, preeminent not prominent). Go after Christ and you get victory; go after the enemy and you lose.
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