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 (Luke) 23 - Anointing Jesus Feet by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 7:36-50  
Description: How can we love the Lord Jesus and be freed from a cold heart? It's by entering into how much we've been forgiven. Brother Ed shows from the devotion and love of the sinful woman how it is impossible to embarrass the Lord and you don't have to defend yourself of the criticisms of others.
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 (Luke) 24 - Chapter8 & The Sower by Ed Miller

Topic: Parables
Scripture(s): Luke 8:1-18  
Description: Chapter 8 signifies a transition from the Galilean ministry and Jesus' teaching style of parables to both reveal and conceal. The ones who understand Christ's parables are not the unbelievers nor the believers but those who come to the Lord for an explanation. The parable of the sower is all about our receptivity to the Word of God, as well as an expectation in ministry that much will be unproductive.
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 (Luke) 25 - The Stormy Sea by Ed Miller

Topic: Faith
Scripture(s): Luke 8:19-25  
Description: What is faith? What does it mean to really believe? The stormy sea is Jesus' "lab" that followed the lecture on the parable of the sower. Many times the Lord does great things in our lives not because we have great faith but to encourage us in the little faith that we have.
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 (Luke) 26 - The Clincher Miracles by Ed Miller

Topic: Miracle
Scripture(s): Luke 8:26-56  
Description: The final three miracles of Luke chapter 8 are grouped together as an organic unit, showing all of mankind (man, woman & child), extreme cases (strongest enemy, smallest amount of faith, man's most unsolvable problem), and other observations. Most importantly, this grouping reveals our Lord Jesus as the Mighty Deliverer, the Sensitive Savior, and the Lord of Life.
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 (Luke) 27 - Sending Out Of The Twelve by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 9:1-17  
Description: Jesus sends the twelve forth on a 'graduate course' in ministry that lasted six months to a year. To defuse the 'look what we did' mentality, Christ sets up the feeding of five thousand to drive the message home that they didn't do it, but it was Him doing it through them. The twelve baskets of crumbs gathered up teach us that Jesus is more than enough for what we will ever face!
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 (Luke) 28 - The Transfiguration by Ed Miller

Description: nil
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 (Luke) 29 - The Judean Ministry by Ed Miller

Topic: Ministry
Scripture(s): Luke 9:51-62  
Description: This Judean section covers one and a half years, emphasizing teaching, moving towards Jerusalem, the cross and training the disciples to go to the cross. The Sons of Thunder wanting to call fire down on the Samaritans illustrates our need for God to change our anti-missionary heart to a missionary one. Loyalty to Christ without His spirit is a dangerous one.
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 (Luke) 30 - Missions-Luke10 by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 10  
Description: One of the greatest chapters on missions, Luke 10 teaches us not to rejoice in what we do but in Who we know. The point of the parable of the Good Samaritan is not, "Help your neighbor," but one of character: who are you? Mary becomes the example of the gospel by sitting at Jesus' feet as a receiver. To Martha, Jesus was the honored guest; to Mary, He was the host.
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 (Luke) 31 - The Lord's Prayer by Ed Miller

Topic: Lord's Prayer
Scripture(s): Luke 11:1-4, Matthew 6:9-13  
Description: The key point of the Lord's Prayer is relationship, and Ed draws out how the various relationships are underscored, such as Father-child, holy God-sinner, King-subject, and so on. As the model prayer progresses, God gets bigger and bigger and man gets smaller and smaller. In prayer we pour out our hearts before the Lord, expressing our longings to see Him and to depend upon Him for everything.
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 (Luke) 32 - Prayer-Father & Friend by Ed Miller

Topic: Prayer
Scripture(s): Luke 11:1-13  
Description: The parable of the friend at midnight and the father on prayer are not comparisons but contrasts. God is not a sleepy, old grouch but an infinitely better Friend who never says, "Don't bother Me." The message of these parables isn't persevering in prayer but rather having a boldness, confidence and assurance to pour out your heart to your Friend and Father any time day or night!
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 (Luke) 33 - Outworkings Of Prayer Cont by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 11:14-29  
Description: Jesus is infinitely stronger than Satan, and He casts him out by the finger of God, which is the Spirit of God. The one who gets the Holy Spirit is the one who asks for Him. The blessedness of the Virgin Mary after the natural is not to be compared to the infinitely higher blessedness of being related to Jesus through the Word of God.
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 (Luke) 34 - The Sign Of Jonah by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 11:29-54  
Description: Ed ties together the sign of Jonah to the resurrected Christ living in us in connection with this great prayer chapter. If we can have a single eye on the Lord--not on many things like missions and family and witnessing--then our whole body will be full of light and the world will see Jesus in us--the sign of Jonah. What the world needs is more Christians praying the Lord's Prayer in reality.
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 (Luke) 35 - Characteristics Of Life by Ed Miller

Topic: Life
Scripture(s): Luke 12:1-34  
Description: What is real life? It is the Holy Spirit's union with the human spirit. These passages unveil what kind of life a believer in union with Jesus will have, such as freedom from greed and anxiety and fear. The more you enter into His kingship (not by trying not to be greedy or anxious), the more all of these characteristics of life will fall into place.
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 (Luke) 36 - Dressed In Readiness by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 12:35-13:17  
Description: What will one's life look like who is experiencing Life and focused on eternity? Ed debunks some erroneous views of readiness being synonymous with Christian busyness. My lamp is lit when I'm being faithful to the stewardship I've been given. The message concludes with the miracle of the humped-over woman as an invitation to Sabbath rest in the Lord to walk uprightly before Him.
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 (Luke) 37 - Kingdom Of God-Chap13 by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 13:10-21  
Description: "The Lord can undo in a moment of time," Ed points out from the miracle of the bent over woman, "years of bondage." The real message is not to try to be upright by works but to let the Lord touch you. The next two parables (the mustard seed & the leaven) illustrate how the kingdom of God works. Though leaven is often a picture of sin and corruption, in its context here is a symbol of the Holy Spirit that keeps on working through the whole "lump of dough" until it's completely transformed.
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 (Luke) 38 - Kingdom Of God Conclusion by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 13:16-14:6  
Description: The kingdom of God teachings close with a sermon on the narrow door whose point is, "Don't worry about how many are saved; you just make sure you're ready." Seekers find the Lord--always! Jesus healing the man with dropsy is the climax of the Sabbath miracles picturing man being held and embraced by God.
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 (Luke) 39 - Salvation-What It Means To Man by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 14  
Description: God's salvation is unconditional grace, set in contrast to the works-mentality of the religion of the Pharisees. The invitation to God's banquet is to the humble (not the proud) and reveals the generous heart of the Lord. The parable of counting the cost and the king going to battle contrasts once again the religion of the Pharisees of bills and fights with exclusive devotion to Jesus to supply all the resources we need to build and every victory in the fight.
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 (Luke) 40 - Salvation-What It Means To God by Ed Miller

Topic: Salvation
Scripture(s): Luke 15  
Description: The joy of God is the great message of this three part parable. Ed shares the beautiful truths of the shepherd seeking and the woman lighting a lamp and seeking, but also points out the way the Father seeks. Two ways the Father seeks is He allows the son to go and waste his inheritance and sends a famine "to lower the bottom." The great love of God is pictured here in the only place in the whole Bible where we see Him running.
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 (Luke) 41 - Relationship-Chap16 by Ed Miller

Topic: Relationships
Scripture(s): Luke 15:3-7, Matthew 18:12-15, Luke 16  
Description: Luke 16 is one of the most 'thorny' chapters of the Bible, but the summary of it is relationship. Ed points out four keys to help understand the parable of the unjust steward and how it underscores that relationships--with God and real friends--are more important than money.
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 (Luke) 42 - Encouraging Faith by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Luke 17:1-19  
Description: Verses 1-10 of Luke 17 serve as a warning of being a stumbling block of discouraging faith in the little ones (Christians) that trust in Jesus. The important thing about faith is the Object of your faith; faith lays hold of God who does impossible things! Ed shows from the healing of the ten lepers that the one who returned emphasizes the heart obedience that blesses Christ as contrasted with the nine who only followed the letter of the command.
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