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Silas Fox (1893 - ?)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Silas Fox in mp3 format. Silas F. Fox was born in 1893 at Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. His father died when he was a year old. Shortly thereafter, his mother remarried. Silas' stepfather was abusive and an alcoholic; and while Silas was still a young child, his mother left his stepfather, taking the children with her. He grew up in a single-parent home with no Christian influence.

His great strength was that of evangelism, and he took every opportunity possible to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His favorite pulpits were the marketplace, the roadside, and under shade trees. Wherever he could gather a crowd of people, he would preach. Many times he used very unorthodox ways to speak to his congregation. He relates one experience of preaching in a market area surrounded by a large crowd with three Brahmim priests in the midst of the crowd. They were bare to the waist and wearing their sacred thread, and their foreheads were well smeared with sandalwood paste. After Silas had preached, one of the priests approached him and, with his finger pointed to Silas' face, began quoting the Vedas, a Hindu holy book, in Sanskrit. Silas said he didn't understand a thing that was being said, and the priests were successful in turning the crowd with their words. They reasoned that if this man could not understand the holy sayings of the gods, why should they bother to listen to him. With this, the crowd scattered.

 God First by Silas Fox

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 The Axehead by Silas Fox

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