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 A Sober Call To Personal Revival by Jeff Colon

Topic: Revival
Description: Jeff Colon gives a sober powerful call to personal revival in the midst of compromise and apostasy in the church in north America. There is a great need for authentic Christian living to be right with God in our private walk with the Lord. To stop arguing over minors and to follow the Lord with all our hearts.
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 Standing With The Few by Jeff Colon

Topic: Apostasy
Description: It was a time of national apostasy when Hezekiah came to power. The northern tribes of Israel had just been carried off into exile by the Assyrians; none but a remnant of poor people remained. But Hezekiah was determined to institute reforms in Judah, the first of which would be the Passover. Messengers were sent throughout Israel inviting the people to return to the Lord. Most of the people rejected the invitation and abused the messengers; only a few responded.
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