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Andy Brink ( - )

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Andy Brink in mp3 format. Founder and President of Circuit Rider Ministries. The name Circuit Rider comes from the scriptures, in 1st Samuel 7:16 where we find Samuel traveling a circuit between cities. I travel regularly on a circuit teaching at churches, Home Bible studies and retreats.

Our mission is to bring encouragement through the teaching of the word, discipleship and counseling to those inside and outside of the church. Together we are embracing the hope that is only found in Christ. “The core of our ministry is helping others be a success in their relationship with the Lord Jesus and with their families.”

 Dealing with Anger by Andy Brink

Topic: Anger
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 Fear of Failure by Andy Brink

Topic: Failure
Description: nil
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 Fears Within by Andy Brink

Topic: Fear
Description: How many of us are truly desperate for the Lord? When you begin to search for wisdom and understanding as you would for priceless treasure, then you will find Him. God hides himself from the casual seeker. When life is going well we lose our passion for the Lord, our hunger. Sometimes God allows circumstances in our lives to expose how needy for him that we really are. Just like in the life of Samson God will bring about circumstances that reveal that we are not as strong as we think we are. The strongest men realize their need for Christ and His strength and how much we need Him and his grace.
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 Four Types of Leprosy by Andy Brink

Topic: Leprosy
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