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R.G. Lee

R.G. Lee (1886 - 1978)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker R.G. Lee in mp3 format. “God-sent preacher” well describes Dr. Lee. Few in number are the Baptists who have never heard his most famous sermon, “Payday Someday!” If you haven’t heard it, or read it, surely you have heard some preacher make a favorable reference to it. From his humble birth to sharecropper parents, Dr. Lee rose to pastor one of the largest churches in his denomination and head the mammoth Southern Baptist Convention as its president, service three terms in that office.

Dr. R.G. Lee was very prominent in the Southern Baptist Convention. He was reportedly asked once by a young ecumencially minded gentlemen what he would be if he were not a Baptist. Dr. Lee responded, "Ashamed". His most famous sermon is Pay Day Someday. R.G. Lee was respected by most Baptists in his generation regardless of their particular fellowship or association.

 Jesus Above All by R.G. Lee

Topic: Jesus Christ
Description: nil
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 PayDay Someday by R.G. Lee

Topic: Judgment
Description: Arguably the most preached, most famous sermon of the 20th century, Payday Someday conclusively proves that God's judgment on sin is final and sure. Lee preached this sermon over a thousand times, and thousands of folks will be in heaven as a result. Of the many who were saved as a result of Payday Someday, the story is told of one man who was mad and was going to shoot his wife. A friend begged the man to settle down long enough to listen to the sermon. The man reluctantly agreed. After the sermon he got down on his knees and begged his wife to forgive him. Come Sunday morning, the man confessed faith in Jesus and was baptized.
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 The Spirit and the Bride say come by R.G. Lee

Topic: Free Salvation
Description: "Christianity is the only religion in the world that says come. Go search through all the religions that this world does know and has ever known, ancient and modern, and see if you can find the word come. You can't find it any more than you can find a hundred ton chunk of ice in a teacup. He says, 'Whosoever will let him come!' The invitation includes all. To those who are far away in the jungles and mountains of sin. To those who are subjected to fearful temptations is invitation. To those who are cursed by burdens is invitation. To those who have been betrayed by friends is invitation. To those who have despised the good is invitation. To those who have long delayed their soul's salvation is invitation. Come ye to the fountain! Come drink and be satisfied."
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