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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Dan Biser in mp3 format. Dan Biser is a local church Baptist pastor who pastors a few local churches in West Virginia. He has a tremendous burden for national revival in the body of Christ in North America. Dan Biser ran multiple prayer conferences called: “Broken before the Throne.”

"It is an urgent hour for our nation, the church and families. There is a continued presence of evil eating away at families and churches.” He writes on his blog weekly exhortations to the body of Christ. God continues to give him a burden for repentance for the body of Christ in this day and hour.

 Helps For Your Prayer Life by Dan Biser

Topic: Prayer Life
Description: nil
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 Psalm 119 Devotion by Dan Biser

Topic: Devotional
Scripture(s): Psalm 119  
Description: nil
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 The God Who Judges Kings And Nations Today by Dan Biser

Topic: God's Judgment
Scripture(s): 2 Chronicles 28  
Description: Brother Dan Biser gives a solemn word on a prayer conference call about the current state of America and the Church. He clearly shows every sin and action is before a holy God who has to judge wickedness in our society. May this message build a solemn fear of the Lord in our day that we may confess our sins and seek the mercy of God through Jesus Christ.
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 You Ought Not To Have Left These Things Undone by Dan Biser

Topic: Repentance
Scripture(s): Luke 11:42, Hebrews 2:1  
Description: On the heels of writing and sharing, 'When Evil Comes in Like a Flood' which addressed the rise of evil in our nation, and the response needed by the church, this word comes forth. It will be revealed in eternity of how many times God warned us, gave us wake up calls, for what was coming, but we missed the warning signals. I believe our nation, and particularly the church is at this cross road now. God has sent alarming signs to us to show us the path we are on and what is coming. And unless a proper response is done by the church, we will go down in the history books as, 'having eyes to see, but could not see; having ears to hear, but could not hear'. Brethren I beseech you take notice of these words and let us respond now, while there is still time, before the 'night cometh when no man can work'.
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