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Audio Sermons : Vance Havner :  As He Is So Are We

 As He Is So Are We by Vance Havner

Topic: Living Like Christ
Scripture(s): 1 John 4:17  
Description: Speaking on our standing with Christ, "the Eternal Contemporary", Vance Havner shows how our lives should be reflections of the life that Christ lived, and is still living today. A good sermon that gives no room for feel-good, prosperity religion. "Everybody wants medals today, but nobody wants scars." Well worth the listen.
Sermon Comments (2)

 TRUTH never changes but sometimes we just see it more clearly 
I only heard this man preach a couple of days ago. How utterly amazing it his that his sermons are even MORE true today than when he first preached them. Thank God for this man. Where are those like him today??

 Old Time Wisdom 
Frankly, I feel warm after hearing this. This sermon is presented in such a way that it sounds like my grandfather sharing his old time wisdom. There's some light humor, while serious topics are examined. This message contrasts people born of the Holy Spirit who are on fire for the Lord and those people of the world who simply want to go about their days as they have always gone about them, sticking to their routines. It makes me think: "Well now, am I Christ-like? I call myself Christian, but how much closer can I be to the model Christ gave us"

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