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 God's Truth About Satan's Lies by Russell Kelfer

Topic: Satan's Lies
Description: This is the last in a mini-series about God's truths about Satan's lies. As the time gets closer for Christ's return, Satan is becoming more up front with his lies. In this lesson we will review the nine areas of conflict in which Satan has declared war on the truth of God. Within those nine areas are twenty-six lies that we must reflect on as Christians. If we learn of Satan's lies, we will be able to hold fast to God's truth and not be deceived.
Sermon Comments (1)

 being set apart 
Wow. Sin IS absolute. I think as Christians we get so focused on the love of God.that His call to be Holy gets put on the back burner. After listening to this I can admit that my excuse for the weakness of my flesh has been, "But God knows why I did it. He sees my heart. He knows I didn't mean to. He loves me." After listening to this I can see the ground I gave to the enemy. I've been decieved to give excuses for myself as well as to those around me that God loves us and that He understands. I know that He does understand and love, but I think this sermon gave me a clear distinction of where to draw the line and how to set myself a part.

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