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 The Burden of God brings brokenness by Gerhard Du Toit

Topic: Brokenness
Description: Brother Gerhard shares from a burden of the Holy Ghost about brokeness in the Christian life. This message will move and challenge you. He shares personal stories about how the Lord has dealt in his life and some principles from scripture of how we can begin to share the burden of God in our life.
Sermon Comments (6)

 Praise God! 
Thank You Lord for this sermon! Glory to God. Folks i don't usually download sermons because of its good comments listed here. But this message here is a gift from the Holy Spirit; many times I had to pause the player to take in what I heard or to cry at the truth of what was spoken. Please listen

 A must hear 
Sensitive - and answer to those who have family discord

 Oh! Oh! yea- that's the prophets 
Oh! Oh! reminds me of Whitfield. and yes, i was in tears when i heard those two words

"what will it cost me for God to break my heart?" - "it will cost you apsolutely evertyhing"

What a "burdened" impassioned message from the heart of God. May this message break your heart as you listen to it. Oh how we need the presence of God in our midst, in our homes, in our lifes!

Do yourself a favor,LISTEN!!

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