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 In Chains, yet free by Richard Wurmbrand

Topic: Prison
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Sermon Comments (3)

 For God we are important. 
A message based on 1 Chronicles 26:1-5. The Bible contains not only the names of kings and High Priests, but of unimportant people as door keepers. We think we are unimportant in the world for many people, but we are important for God. A message with many illustration from Romanian Communist prisons.

 Are You Praying for the Persecuted Church? 
This message was very good and challenged me in many aspects of life, but there was one area it really hit me. Bro. Wurmbrand was discribing how the believers in Communist countries pray for us in America. They pray for our president, church leaders, etc. all while they are in prison being reviled for Christ's sake! Then you could hear the sadness in his voice as he told about his coming to America and expecting to here churches praying for the persecuted, but he did not and it shocked him. The Lord has brought many things lately into my life that has caused me to examine myself and about what I'm praying for, is it what Christ wants me to or is it selfish and me-centered? May we pray for those in bonds as if we were there with them!

 I do not feel worthy to give this title 
I wrote a comment on this presentation of Richard Wurmbrand, but posted it on the wrong message. I wanted to state that the Holy Spirit certainly was the author of this message. I have read some of Brother Wurmbrands books and without a doubt he has brought to life the scripture in Philippians 3:10, That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death. This scripture describes part of his experience as a believer. I do not believe one can listen to this word without feeling conviction and admiration. GGG

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