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 (Revival Forum 89) Lou Sutera / Bill Mcleod by Revival Forum 89

Topic: Revival
Description: Hear for yourself the first hand testimonies of three men (Lou and Ralph Sutera and Bill McLeod) who were key figures in the Canadian revival in the early '70's. Bill was pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Saskatoon where the revival broke out and spread all over Canada, spilling over into parts of the U.S. and Europe. They share numerous, numerous testimonies of changed lives, long term effects of the revival, and what it was that God birthed in their hearts in prayer and preparation for it. If you love the Hebredes revival ministry of Duncan Campbell, you will love this!
Sermon Comments (1)

This is one to make a copy for your friends. I'm a casual notetaker, but I have two full pages of notes (really good sermons I usually have one page). They speak much of prayer as the 'hidden springs' of revival, the spirit of prayer, the cleansed life--many practical biblical applications for thought and practice. Both McLeod and Sutera shared about distress about not seeing God, and how it was they got in tune with God's heart, and got others involved too. This is a GREAT message!

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