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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  Trying to Restrict God

 Trying to Restrict God by Chuck Smith

Topic: Surrender
Scripture(s): Micah 2:6-7  
Description: This sermon very recently preached, speaks to the current situation of Christianity andthe world. Chuck Smith humbly shows the need for Christians to rely on the Word of God and simple obedience to the Holy Spirit. He also calls for a radical change in our lifes to be more Christ-like so that the world will know us as followers of Christ and not religous hyprocrites with no real difference then what the world can offer.
Sermon Comments (2)

I have listened to this sermon 3 times so far. We need to realize that these days there is another gospel being preached and we have to be those who are going to preach the true gospel. We have to realize that we are the biggest hindrance to revival. Oh God use me. I believe we have to start putting ourselves in the place for God to use us. We have been bought with a price therefore we have to honour God with our bodies.

 Restricting God? 
Are we restricting God? Are we conforming God to our image or are we conformed to God? Good sermon, wish we had that preacher in my church. :-)

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