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 Work Out Your Salvation by John Murray

Topic: Salvation
Scripture(s): Philippians 2:12  
Description: How can we be saved by grace alone if we are commanded to work at our salvation? We must distinguish between the salvation we already have in possession and the consummation of salvation towards which we are progressing; it is a distortion of the gospel of grace to suppose that we are inactive in the pursuit of holiness; we can become heretical not only by denying a truth, but by putting a truth out of focus; our working in sanctification is not suspended by God's working, for these two are not incompatible; our working is wholly dependent on God's working in us, and our working manifests that God is working in us; that God is working in us is the incentive and encouragement for us to work; the very willing by the human heart to do good proceeds entirely from the grace or energy provided by God; our actions in obedience to God's Word are pleasing to God, because the force to do these works proceeds from him; all self-confidence and self-congratulation in doing God's will is excluded.
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