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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  Cost of Discipleship - Part 6

 Cost of Discipleship - Part 6 by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Cost Of Discipleship
Scripture(s): Matthew 22:34-40  
Description: These studies describe the terms and conditions that the Lord Jesus Christ established for all who wish to follow Him. It is well worth the listen! It starts with the Great Commandment to "love the Lord," and continues from there.
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 Cost of Discipleship Part 6 
Contd. Jesus insists that when we come to Him we must realise He is God "My Sovereignty transcends all earthly relationships,all career ambitions and personal plans." I must relinquish the right to decide where I go,what I do. He has the right to choose my career. Jesus didn't lessen the word from His Father to the rich young ruler. We would coax him into our church but his heart would remain the same.Few professing christians know about the new birth.Today men change the word to make it more palatable but EVEN THE SON OF GOD WOULD NOT DARE TO CHANGE THE WORD FROM HIS FATHER for a more favourable response.Stephen could have saved his own life. Jesus stood up from His throne in Heaven to acknowledge him. Saul could have been High Priest one day,but when he met the risen Christ could only ask what the LORD would have him do. Convicting stuff!

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