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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  Cost of Discipleship - Part 5

 Cost of Discipleship - Part 5 by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Cost Of Discipleship
Scripture(s): Matthew 22:34-40  
Description: These studies describe the terms and conditions that the Lord Jesus Christ established for all who wish to follow Him. It is well worth the listen! It starts with the Great Commandment to "love the Lord," and continues from there.
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 Cost of Discipleship -part5 
The CALL to discipleship John 14:15-24 PR emphasises that Jesus says 5times here that the evidence of being a disciple is that keep his commandments 2.hear His words 3. keep His words.What were His words to the people of His day? Luke 14 the first 24 verses are opened up to show that the religious would not accept His gracious invitation to dine and make rediculous excuses(PR expands on this to show Jesus' sense of humour) and then having exposed the hearts of the religious, he talks to the crowd of followers and puts them off as well! Testimonies about the verse where Jesus tells us a true disciple must hate his father and mother,in relation to his devotion to the Lord brought this alive.NB Our relationship to Him can cost us our close earthly relationships, and even our own life.

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