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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  Cost of Discipleship - Part 2

 Cost of Discipleship - Part 2 by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Cost Of Discipleship
Scripture(s): Matthew 22:34-40  
Description: These studies describe the terms and conditions that the Lord Jesus Christ established for all who wish to follow Him. It is well worth the listen! It starts with the Great Commandment to "love the Lord," and continues from there.
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 The cost of discipleship part 2 
He goes on to say that the heart of the whole matter is who are you going to please. His son Jim had gone forward to get "saved" at a meeting...two years later he had to admit he really didn't think anything happened and he didn't want to go on pretending for him parents sake. Jim knows the plan of salvation, which having heard it so often. Hisis comforted by that and makes Jim promise he will come and tell him if Jesu ever does become real to him.. After two years running wild, Jim realised his self serving was just gratifying the devil and that Jesus IS real and alive and deserves better. Discipleship begins with being honest to ourselves and when it dawns on us how living to honour God and please Him we are just starting on the road to being a true disciple.

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