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Audio Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  Be Holy In All Conversation

 Be Holy In All Conversation by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: Holiness
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (3)

 hated it... 
There is nothing I hate more than having my time wasted by a sermon that should be cut short... Ravenhill spent the majority of the 1.5hr sermon telling jokes! Of course there was 'some' good stuff (its ravenhill afterall) but this was a waste... Listen to some of his other sermons when he treating the word of God and his calling more seriously...

 Excellent Sermon 
This is an excellent sermon and a definte worth to listen to.The coutndown is soul stirring!!

 Call to Holiness! 
A great audio in which Mr. Ravenhill talks about how we can be from sin. A call to holiness!

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