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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers G-L : Harry A. Ironside :  Studies In Isaiah - Part 2

 Studies In Isaiah - Part 2 by Harry A. Ironside

Topic: Expository
Scripture(s): Isaiah 40-46  
Description: Ironside continues from Part 1, commenting upon selected verses. Due to his failing eyesight, his wife reads the Scripture. He warned against teaching that didn't have "much teeth"--powerless and colorless preaching where "the unsaved just enjoy it." Ironside spoke of the glory days of the Salvation Army 60 years prior, when a thousand of them would march through the streets of San Francisco, and being delivered from legality.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Decent commentary; practical application light 
I think Mr. Ironside does a decent job applying the verses to national Israel (as well they do apply), and from a strict expository manner it is quite orthodox. I find it a bit weak in application, as a number of these verses can be applied in principle to Christians, as Paul did himself with Isaiah 49:6 (see Acts 13:47), a verse that literally applies to the Messiah. The outpouring of the Spirit which will happen to national Israel in Isaiah 43-44 can be applied by the Church, because there are not two Holy Spirits; only one, who has the same characteristics when poured out upon Jew or Gentile. Nevertheless, the commentary is good; I just miss some exciting applications that can be drawn out.

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