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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers G-L : Harry A. Ironside :  Studies In Isaiah - Part 1

 Studies In Isaiah - Part 1 by Harry A. Ironside

Topic: Expository
Scripture(s): Isaiah 35-46  
Description: Mr. Ironside presents sound expository teaching from Isaiah 36 - 39, highlighting Hezekiah's prayers, Isaiah's intercession, and God's fulfilling of His word to preserve the royal line of the Messiah. He soberly warned Christians not to be blind to the true nature of the enemy by flattery and gifts as opposed to threats which cause dependence upon God. In Isaiah 40 Ironside answers the critics about Isaiah's authorship and presents a bird's eye view of the remainder of this book.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Good overview of Isaiah 
Ironside presents a well-studied overview of Isaiah 36 - 39. Although there wasn't much direct application of the verses to daily living, the one where he drew the differences in Hezekiah's responses to the letters (Senachareb's threats vs. King of Babylon's flattery) was strong and made me think how I can not trust the Lord with everything.

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