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 Revive Us Again by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Psalms 85, 2 Chronicles 7:14  
Description: This is not so much a teaching as it is the groanings of a burdened heart to exalt God above man to His rightful place in revival. Campbell shared several practical "principles that govern spiritual quickening." The differences between a God-sent revival and the man-centered evangelistic means of his day are truly heart-searching for anyone engaged in work to save men's souls. Since God's sovereignty does not nullify man's responsibility, Campbell admonished his hearers to be "agents of revival" that take God up on "His covenant engagement" in prayer and staying close to the heart of the Shepherd.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Must listen! 
This is my favourite Duncan Campbell message... Half sermon, half testimonies & stories. His personal testimony was so moving (not the revivals but his own personal walk)...

 Revive Us Again 
Campbell recounts some personal experiences with revival and the principles that govern revival. He explains the difference between revival and evangelism. Evangelism only helps to lead some individuals to Christ (many of whom still fall away later) while a revival completely transforms a whole community with such a powerful awareness of God that everyone is impacted. He describes how the prayer of one man brought revival to a whole island when he was supernaturally led to go there. He also confirms that God is a covenant God who answers prayer according to his covenant “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” Lastly, he declares that revival is the work of a sovereign God who must come down in a visitation and that man’s efforts are useless otherwise.

 A great sermon - you won't be disappointed 
Great defining of being a witness by God's power or human effort. Campbell shares wisdom from Scripture that were lived out on the field of battle. I found them to be very simple and practical. The testimony of God getting him to a small island and the revival there is worth a listen all by itself. He ended with personal testimony (much of which is on "His Testimony And Conversion") that was powerful. He had a similar experience reminiscent to one D. L. Moody had in which God visited him powerfully--and the same sterile sermons he preached for 17 years suddenly began to see multitudes swept into saving faith!

This address is as God filled today as it was years ago. A must for the revival seeking believer. A must for pastors and preachers.

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