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Audio Sermons : William MacDonald :  True Discipleship - Part 1

 True Discipleship - Part 1 by William MacDonald

Topic: Discipleship
Scripture(s): John 2:13-17  
Description: This six part series on discipleship is a counterpart of the book written by William MacDonald called: "True Discipleship." This sermon series gets to the heart of the biblical definition of discipleship. This is a life-changing series that will challenge you to the core of your being. We need to re-examine our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ in our day, may God have full-hearted disciples that have counted the cost fully and give all to the great calling of discipleship.
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 Fire for your devotion! 
This series of 6 messages will burn a "eternal" mark upon your soul. We need desperately to get fully committed to the Lord Jesus Christ in these dark days. The book that follows these audio sermons is called "True Discipleship" and has prior to these sermons made a great mark on my christian life.

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