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Audio Sermons : Denny Kenaston :  (Godly Home) Part 9 - The Key to Obedience is Blessings

 (Godly Home) Part 9 - The Key to Obedience is Blessings by Denny Kenaston

Topic: Godly Home Series
Scripture(s): 1 John 4:19; Malachi 4:6  
Description: This teaching has "the most profound wisdom" in all child training--love. Brother Denny uncovers the fallacy that spanking solves all the woes in the family when a close, loving, flowing relationship between parent and child is missing. Our modern society is all about the quick fix, but there is no substitute for time when it comes to developing a genuine foundation of love in the godly home.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Lots of great nuggets 
A lot of profound wisdom here, especially the relationship of discipline. Kenastor mentioned how many people tried to apply his earlier teachings on spanking and they "didn't work" but he discovered that it was due to the missing element of a close, warm relationship. Lots of great principles I have meditated upon, especially if you are just starting out a family and want to get on the right track early and not have lots of heartaches later on.

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