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Audio Sermons : Denny Kenaston :  (Godly Home) Part 5 - A Godly Heritage Today

 (Godly Home) Part 5 - A Godly Heritage Today by Denny Kenaston

Topic: Godly Home Series
Scripture(s): Proverbs 17:6; Psalm 103:17-18  
Description: Kenaston passionately speaks of several recent examples of many generation families who have done great exploits for the kingdom of God. He sites William and Catherine Booth's eight children and 45 children on fire for God as one such role model, as well as Hudson Taylor's and Jonathan Edwards'. He closes by sharing how greatly influenced he was by a Canadian family 22 years prior whose family life and influence in the community burned a new vision in his heart and altered his course forever.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Love Flows Out of This Sermon! 
I'm not old enough to have a family yet, but when I am, I'll be glad I listened to this whole series of sermons! The God-centered preaching in this recording is radical, completely different from the cultural trends and practices of today. The whole thing was nothing short of beautiful, reflecting the speaker's unashamed love for the Lord Jesus. Don't just let this message challenge you- let it change your life!

 Building A Vision! 
Oh saints may God build in 1000's through this audio recording a true vision for a godly home from the scriptures. May we only settle for God's best with raising families. May God be greatly and powerfully glorified through the obedience of many who hear this sermon.

 Very inspiring! 
This one has really been solid for believing God in my own family to do great and mighty things. I did some of my own research on the Booth family and got to research about 20 of the 45 grandchildren. I was really blown away! There was one of them, William Booth-Clibborn, who probably had even a greater impact on leading souls to Christ than even William Booth, if you can believe that. Leonard Ravenhill has called the oldest child (the Marechale, Catherine Booth-Clibborn) one of the greatest Christian women in history; she turned Paris upside-down with the gospel. (She has a great book online called Our Children, by the way, which I highly recommend). Of the 20 I only found one who backslid--Augustin Booth-Clibborn, in his early 20's. But his mother really poured a lot into him. He was on fire in his youth but I couldn't find any details what happened in his later years, whether he got his life straight with God later on or not. The Canadian family -- wow! That's worth a l

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