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 Digestive System by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Topic: Evolution
Description: While the stomach has the need to digest and break down food into its component nutrients, so also the mind is a digestive system designed to break information down into satisfying informative components. As food is flavored by salts and spices for our pleasure in just the right amounts, so also our conversation ought to be seasoned by just the right amount of salt. As Christ told the disciples to not waste a bit of the bread he broke, so also he wastes nothing in our spiritual upbringing. Jesus was perfectly efficient. He cares about efficiency in his creation. Smith explains how the human digestive system is obviously the product of incredibly careful thought and intention. He also explains how the theory of evolution is quite simply wasteful, and inefficient. Wilder shows that where the digestive system is hungry for nutrients, so also the mind is hungry for meaning.
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