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 Locks & Keys by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Topic: Science
Description: Whenever food is consumed, that food has to be broken down into its constituent nutrients. Each nutrient is ¬ďlocked¬Ē and the human body has to ¬ďunlock¬Ē the nutrients from the cells it is consuming. The human body has the array of keys necessary to unlock all of the nutrients it must consume from the food. How do you possess all of these keys? You must have them programmed into you ahead of time. Secondarily, language and the capacity to learn and translate it is also entirely contained within the sperm of men, which is then transferred into our genes and then into our minds. How much pleasure must it give the creator when we use the machines of our minds for those intentions which he made them for? Jesus chose to offer himself as a sacrifice for us so that we could offer ourselves as a sacrifice for him. Should we not set our face toward that as he set his face toward Jerusalem?
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