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 Is Man a Machine? by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Topic: Science
Description: In this speaking, we discover the dire necessity to recognize man as a machine. In spite of the tendency to be repulsed by such an idea, the facts belie this reality. As scientists have attempted to understand how to make a machine that is capable of replicating itself, they have discovered the astronomical amount of information required to make a machine that is not only self-replicating, but also self-diagnosing. This type of machine is called a Von Neummann machine, and is incredibly complex to develop and requires millions of individual moving components, as well as the information to drive them. In this analogy we see that man is an incredibly complex machine, obviously designed, and if he/she is designed, then they are also designed to operate in a certain fashion. Smith points out that to use our machines in a way that contradict God’s laws is to operate out of our designed ordinances. When we, as complex Von Neummann machines operate out of our intended purpose then God no longer seems real or meaningful to us in any way.
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