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 Why Does God Allow Suffering? by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Topic: Suffering
Scripture(s): Romans 8:18, John 10:34  
Description: If one were to walk into a cathedral in Cologne, and he noticed that there were holes in the walls, and that some of the flying buttresses had been detached from their intended place by bombs, nobody would assume that the architect had been a fool for designing the building the way it was in its present condition. So also we must recognize that, being made as “gods” (John 10:34) we were given the free will to choose our present condition. God is not to be blamed for the suffering we have chosen, neither is He to be blamed for the wreckage as a result of it. Just as our Lord was, so also we need to be perfected through sufferings. Suffering offers mankind the option to change. We were cast out of eternity into time so that our decision could be corrected, and Jesus came and suffered for us so that we could be reconciled.
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