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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  God's Work To Be Done God's Way

 God's Work To Be Done God's Way by Paris Reidhead

Topic: The Lord's Work
Scripture(s): 2 Samuel 6  
Description: It is good to want to work for God. David found out how important it is to do God's work in God's way. From 2 Samuel 6. Although God may honor the world's efforts, his people must only do things the way he has required -- David learned this when he tried to move the ark as the Philistines had, costing Uzzah his life. The Church must never employ the world's methods, for God will only bless the obedience of his people.
Sermon Comments (4)

 David & the Ark of the Covenant 
The Philistines wanted help in letting go of the Ark. They were ignorant of God's methods of presenting the Ark because they were not God's people. David, of course one of God's people, wanted to present the Ark in a continuation of the methodology of the Philistines after having acclimating himself to them from being with them for a couple of years, and Uzzah paid the price. When God's people, those who know him and his purpose of will like David and Uzzah, operate outside of that knowledge to contrariness, God will not honor the operation. In the case of the importance of the representation of the Ark, God can and will strike the operation down. God will NEVER let his people do his work the way the world does it. God's blessings.

 Good but not God... 
This sermon makes me want to make sure that I seek God intently, not "supposing" what He is wanting from me, but to KNOW His instructions! How many times do we do what "seems" right and pay a high price because it wasn't "God's Way", and just like David, we go to the Word for direction AFTER we have tried it on our own and suffered. It is alright for the unbeliever to do what he does the way that he does it, but for believers it is NOT alright to do anything that is a deviation from God's specific direction. What a WAKE UP sermon!!!

 The cross in the life of the believer 
Excellent sermon on a truth that is so lost today- I have been crucified with Christ

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