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 Dimension Theory/Time Theory by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Topic: Science
Scripture(s): Genesis 2  
Description: God’s mind is not bound by time. Neither is his interaction with our reality. Wilder-Smith uses one of his greatest analogies concerning the impossibility of using the scientific method to perceive or interact with heaven and hell. The analogy comes in the form of understanding that there is no way to interact with a Black Hole, yet we know that they exist by inference. So also, we are able to interact with eternal realities by inference. Through this analogy, Smith reveals the lie concerning our inability to scientifically measure heaven or hell to prove it's existence because you cannot scientifically tamper with a black hole in any way yet scientists believe in them just the same. The second analogy he explains about dimensionality is that a two dimensional person would be incapable of capturing a three dimensional person, because they would always use their higher dimensionality to give their captors the slip. So also, Jesus gave death the slip. Smith explains that this life is about preparation for glorification, as the power that comes with a resurrected body would be too dangerous to place within the hands of immoral people. So if we suffer with him, so also shall we reign with him.
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