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Audio Sermons : Vance Havner :  As For Me

 As For Me by Vance Havner

Topic: Compromise
Scripture(s): Joshua 24  
Description: This message is preached from the 24th chapter of Joshua. Havener shows how in a day of comprimise, double-talk and undecideness on serving God. We must choose 'as for me' we will seek the Lord. He also retells a very interesting encouter story he had with R.A. Torrey.
Sermon Comments (7)

Certainly worth listening to. More certainly worth heeding.

 Havner is a much needed blessing for us today 
Vance Havner has the kind of prophetic voice so needed for the Church in America today. I recommend all of his sermons!

I trusted the LORD to give me something special for a message today, and I received it! Mr. Vance Havner is a great preacher who presents a powerful message that is mixed with short stories, intriquing anecdotes, reflections on the culture of the 1960s (and so much more a reflection on the times of today), all done with the gentle touch of a man of great intelligence, all with a southern drawl. This is someone you would want to sit down with amd learn from, both from his experiences and his deep relationship with the Lord and His counsel and Word. I'm grateful for this message, and encourage others to as well. Thank you, sermonindex, for this website! It is invaluable! ~Sean

 The First Time 
The first time I heard this sermon I was one of 200 students sitting before this wisp of a man and drinking in every word like a sponge. I was 17 years old at the time, Vance Havner was 58. Tonight I heard it for a second time! I am now 63, he would have been 104. His preaching was prophetic, and nearly 50 years later Vance Havner is as relevant as tomorrow mornings newspaper. Truth is truth no matrer what generation it is spoken in. I am again touched by the Spirit of the Lord God and am taking inventory as to my steadfastness in stating with unwavering certainty, "As for me..."

 Indeed as for me! 
We all need to hear it: set your mind on one thing! To serve the LORD and only Him. To return to our first love, fall on our knees, repent and choose to serve the One who deserves our lives!

An excellent message about purity and no compromise! Pastor Havner tells it in the way only he can tell it, firm but so gracious.

I fondly remember listening to Dr. Havner with my dad and mom over WMIT-FM out of Black Mountain, NC. I'm so glad to find him again via audio. Could we have more???

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