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 The Ten Virgins (reading) by Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Scripture(s): Matthew 25:1-13  
Description: A sermon by Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne who was a Scottish minister who lived from 1813-1843.

1. God's children are wise; the rest are foolish (verse 2).
2. The wise and foolish are alike in many things (verses 3,4)
3. There is a difference: The foolish virgins have no oil in their vessels.
4. The tarrying of the bridegroom. (verse 5)
5. The sleep of the virgins: 'They all slumbered and slept.'
6. The coming of the Bridegroom. The time: 'at midnight.'
7. The discovery: 'Our lamps are gone out.' (verse 6-9)
8. The anxious application: 'Give us of your oil.'
9. The disappointment: 'Not so, lest there be not enough for us and you.'
10. Who are ready? (verse 10-13)
11. The reward of those who are ready: 'They went in with him to the marriage.'
12. The fate of hypocrites: 'The door was shut.'
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