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Audio Sermons : Oswald J. Smith :  How to Evangelize the World

 How to Evangelize the World by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: World Evangelization
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (2)

 The power of printed matterials 
Oswald Smith talks about the success and need of getting printed matterials into the hands of Believers and Unbelievers... Talks about how JW's & communism are growing more rapidly due to their printing ability. Important message in that respect but not much else to learn...

 Awesome Message. 
The most intriguing and provoking part that the Spirit pointed out to me was him explaining that building churches does nothing for the Lord, but spreading the message does something. He clearly explains that we're called to evangelize, not Christian-ize, the world - that we are to spread the Gospel by the Spirit, as Jesus commands, and allow Him to do the work. The parts where he starts to speak about the printed page is a bit strange, he almost seems to speak on a natural level, but if you understood what Oswald Smith said about the message being more important, it's sensible.

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