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Audio Sermons : Oswald J. Smith :  Eternal Life

 Eternal Life by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Eternal Life
Scripture(s): 1 John 5:9-13  
Description: Mr Smith expounds on this powerful portion of scripture. Everything begins with God is the first point he makes in this sermon. Salvation and eternal life begins with God and is a gift. This message is a very solid clear message on the salvation of God, this passage of scripture was written that you "may believe" and "have life". Everlasting life is a free gift offered to all today.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Powerful, pointed, passionate! 
Oswald J. Smith delivers a powerful message on the salvation of God. He speaks of the "eternal life" open and given to all freely to partake of. Oh how we need to grasp and become passionate again by these scriptures again, and not be scared to say how pointed and narrow the scriptures are that there is either "eternal life" or "eternal death". We need stubborn truthful passionate preaching on salvation again!

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