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Audio Sermons : Oswald J. Smith :  The Spirit Filled Life

 The Spirit Filled Life by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Spirit Filled Life
Scripture(s): Ephesians 5:18  
Description: 'The question is not,' Oswald J. Smith contends, 'Do I have the Holy Spirit?' but, 'Am I filled with the Holy Spirit?' Smith shows how this commandment to be filled with the Spirit is essential to have power over sin and power for service. HOW may I be filled? Five conditions are laid out to consider: confession, renunciation, surrender, obedience and faith. Mr. Smith closes with his own personal testimony of how God broke him in ministry and humbled him sorely so that he could be used in the power of the Spirit and not in the energy of the flesh.
Sermon Comments (7)

 A 'must hear' for all 
This is a wonderful message that is brought to the hearer with a clear personal conviction and experience from the preacher. As I sat listening to this it almost felt as if this sermon had been written just for me, addressing a great need in myself but also so greatly needed in the church in general. I am so delighted that old recordings such as this are preserved for more to hear.

 Listen, Take Notes, and Apply 
I listened to this a year or two ago and was blessed on hearing it again today. I can honestly say that the application of the message has been a blessing to me. It was actually this message, a message by Gerhard du Toit, messages by Paris Reidhead, Bill McLeod and Major Ian Thomas and some Andrew Murray writings that all worked together to bring me to the place where I should have been years ago. I praise God for using sermonindex to make these life-changing --literally-- messages available. The messages have born fruit in my life and as a result in my family and in the lives of others. Listen prayerfully, apply what you hear and share it with others.

 Spirit filled life/ Oswald J. Smith 
I agree with brother Smith/that without the Holy Ghost we have no power over sin--but not just sin--we can not even have life. Because God breath his breath into the clay and the clay became a living soul. So with out the spirit of Christ--we are wimps against the evils from hell. So, with have measures of spiritual power--and it is the meausure of our faith in Christ Jesus. So only through trails and tribulations can we be filled completely with the Spirit of Christ. Thats why on the day of Pentencost the Saints had to be filled with the spirit--with that person of the Spirit St. Paul or St. Peter could not even preach with power and nor can we as Christians. No Holy Spirit no power and no truth because only with the Holy and Spirit can we serve God in Spirit and Truth.

 Good one 
His teaching is solid. Very interesting to hear his testimony in service to God. I will appreciate his messages much more after hearing what he went through. This message is worth the time for the testimony alone, but the doctrine is right on, too. Not just surrendering, but being determined to surrender, and following through. Rising out of your present state and going to God in humility.

 Very practical on how to be filled and used 
This is a real practical teaching on getting rid of hindrances to having the fulness of the Spirit. He really shows how we need that power to live above sin, especially our betting sin. His own testimony was fascinating, gripping and really drove home the point of the need for brokenness and humility. Worth a listen!

 A Good foundational Teaching 
Dr Smith, Does very good on explaining why we need to filled with the spirit. It simply is living a broken life, free from trusting in ourselves, and letting God be God in our lives. This is an excellent message in helping us get to that friutfull spirit filled life.

 The Spirit Filled Life 
Is there a way of getting a transcript of this sermon. I don't know how if there is. Ann Thank You [email protected]

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