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Audio Sermons : Oswald J. Smith :  Christ Lord and Master

 Christ Lord and Master by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Lordship Of Jesus Christ
Scripture(s): 1 John 1:7  
Description: This message starts with a singing of a old hymn: Leaning on the everlasting arms, followed by a long announcement time and ending with another hymn before Oswald J. Smith gives his message. There is a time of blank space that needs to be forwarded before his message. What message would you say to the multitudes, would you say something comforting or something convicting? This is a great message that shows what a true disciple is and what is the message the Lord Jesus preached.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Short and simple but POWERFULL 
Fast forward to about 40min and 30 seconds to hear Oswald preach... He only speaks for about 20mins and covers very simple quotes of Jesus. Things like "if any man desires to come after me, let him deny self..." or "Whoever does not renounce all he has cannot be my disciple"... Very foundational but nearly none of the Church obey's! No wonder people are not filled with the Spirit... My one warning with this sermon is that Oswald believes you can be saved, without being a disciple. That is false in my opinion. Read Matt 7:21-24; Luke 6:46-

 Our Master and Lord! 
You will have to skip to the end two thirds of the message to hear oswald j. smith. "you are not God's child if you are not a disciple!" Oh that we may recapture what it is to be a disciple and have Jesus as our Master and Lord again in our day. It is wonderful to hear him say "Lord Jesus Christ" so many times in the message. Away with people saying "jesus" in a nonchalant manner, may we reverence our Lord again.

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