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 Eligibility for Communion by John Murray

Topic: Communion
Description: Who is eligible to partake of the Lord's Supper? The bread and wine are not only signs but also seals of our communion with Christ; this text gives four basic characteristics of those who are in communion with Christ: 1) they are called by God the Father into relationship to Christ, by an efficacious summons that initiates our possession of salvation, so that we belong to Christ; 2) they are called to be saints, everyone united to Christ by faith is a saint, consecrated to God and pure in character. What are our controlling ambitions with respect to holiness? 3) They exhibit obedience of faith, an enduring commitment to Christ as absolute Lord, whole-souled devotion that brings every thought captive to Christ; 4) they are beloved of God, who delights in those who reflect his own perfections, by nature we have nothing but God in sovereign grace makes us after his image in holiness. We must not drag down these standards of eligibility for communion which have been set by God.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Solid and thought-provoking 
Should be obvious to all Christians, but isn't .... Based on Romans 1:5-7, preached 12-23-1951, so the sound fades somewhat.

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