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 A Consecrated Body by John Murray

Topic: Consecration
Description: The physical body is not evil; the Roman Catholic church alleges that sin had its source in the body, when bodily appetites transgressed the dictates of reason; but Scripture teaches that the body is honorable: the body was created before the spirit, death is an evil because it separates the body and spirit, and the final step in redemption is the reuniting of body and spirit at the resurrection; Paul's practical exhortation accords to the body great importance in the process of sanctification; use of our body must be guided by what is pleasing to God; presenting our bodies for holy living is a service and devotion to God; use of the body must not be conformed to the present evil age; it is difficult to practice the Christian faith, because this evil age constantly pressures us to adopt its customs; but the present age will pass away, and if our conduct is patterned on this age it will bring us into perdition.
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