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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Judges 8-14

 (Through The Bible) Judges 8-14 by Chuck Smith

Scripture(s): Judges 8-14  
Description: Gideon shows remarkable character saying that he will not rule over the people nor his sons but saying to the people that the Lord rule over you! Gideon then asked the men for his share of the victory and the spoils. He received 1700 shekels of gold ear rings, and he made an gold ephod (robe). And people started to come and worship it and thus it became a snare in Israel. When Gideon saw how people were revering the gold ephod he did not destroy it but left it. This was a major fault of Gideon. Soon after Gideon was dead they went whoring after Baal the god. Jesus said to people that taught false things that it would be better for them to have a milestone around their necks and thrown in the sea. Ambilech was a lot killed with an milestone. They have hewn out cisterns that cannot hold water, and thus the children of Israel was continually turning from God and served idols. This is the sixth recorded time that they forsook God for idols.
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