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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Numbers 21-28

 (Through The Bible) Numbers 21-28 by Chuck Smith

Scripture(s): Numbers 21-28  
Description: The people spoke against God and Moses and complained of why they got took out of Egypt. There are people who are chronically complaining and there are people that are chronically complaining. But Gods will is for us to be thankful in all things. Manna was angels food “he fed them with angels food” it is a great provision of the Lord. And God in judgment because of their complaining send fiery serpents to kill the people. There was a confession and repentance of the sin by the people. Moses pray for us and ask God to help us was the plea of the people. God told Moses to get a serpent and put it on the brass pole. So that if anyone looked to the snake on the pole and they would be healed and not die. And it’s the same with the gospel that if people just look upon the cross of Christ believing then they would be saved. The brass is always a symbol of judgment and the serpent was always a symbol of sin. People afterwards took the brass serpent and began to worship it instead of the living God. People seek after idols that remind people of Gods presence that indicates that we have lost His actual presence. So this speaks of spiritual degradation. Hezekiah broke it to pieces and said it was a piece of brass. It is sad when people start to worship a church instead of the living God the church represents.
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