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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Leviticus 1-10

 (Through The Bible) Leviticus 1-10 by Chuck Smith

Scripture(s): Leviticus 1-10  
Description: Christ was more then our sin offering but also our sweets savor offerings. There were 3 basic sweet savor offerings, burnt offering, meal offering and the peace offering. There were 2 sin offerings, one the sin offering and 2nd the trespass offering. An offering needs to be our of our own free will. To return to fellowship with God is in our volition. The laying on of the hands is the symbol of the animal taking the place of ourselves and we transfer our sins to it in the old covenant. The blood of goats and rams really never forgave the sins but rather covered them. But with Jesus our sins have been put away not just covered. The purpose of all the sacrifices and the covenant is so that we can have relationship and oneness with God. This fellowship needs obedience to have agreement with God. God created man with the purpose of fellowship and man disobeyed and was alienated from God and God determined to restore that fellowship. The animals only covered the sins for a time and brought partial fellowship with God. But it pointed forward to that time when God would send his own son as a lamb without spot or blemish before God.
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