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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Genesis 47-50

 (Through The Bible) Genesis 47-50 by Chuck Smith

Scripture(s): Genesis 47-50  
Description: Shepard’s where an abomination to the Egyptians for some reason, but at the time of Joseph there was more of an openness to Shepard’s. Back in the 15th chapter of Genesis, Abraham cut the animal carcass in half, and heard God speak to him that his people would be in Egypt for 400 years. The brothers say they want to sojourn in the land of Goshen but they did not realize this was sojournering for 400 years according to the word of God. The Pharaoh got them to oversee his flock even. At this point Jacob blesses the Pharaoh. The Bible says that the lesser blesses the greater as a principle so this position of Jacob is recognized as an old wise man of many years. His father lived 175 and Abraham 180, so there is starting of an dropping longevity of an the age of men. They were given the best of the land, which is Goshen. The slaves would later on build the land of ramsees.
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