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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Genesis 8-9

 (Through The Bible) Genesis 8-9 by Chuck Smith

Topic: Expositional
Scripture(s): Genesis 8-9  
Description: There is no way that truly the language of man can describe about God and really how He is. Paul the apostle says that when he came back from a heavenly vision that there are some things that he could not just write down. But we have been given human language so that’s the way God is conveying Himself to us. Before the fall there was no great violent winds the climate was very moderate. At the beginning of the new civilization after the flood God said that no man should shed the blood of another man. This is the beginning of government and moral law. The way that man has kept the law is unjust but that does not go against the principle that God intuited it. The people who so strongly cry against capital punishment are for abortion, which goes against the scripture and specifically in this chapter how God is laying out moral law. The verse be fruitful and multiply is the admonition to increase and no to kill children such as abortion advocates and therefore is the opposite of Gods call in this verse. Gods covenant with the rainbow means that God will not destroy the entire earth with a flood but that does not mean there will be localized flooding. God will destroy the earth dissolving the elements, fire being the opposite then water. Saw the nakedness of his father (Noah) in the Hebrew actually means he was gazing. So Noah curses Canaan because of Ham, God knowing that Canaan would follow in the sinful and rebellious steps of His father Ham.
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