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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Genesis 6-7

 (Through The Bible) Genesis 6-7 by Chuck Smith

Topic: Expositional
Scripture(s): Genesis 6-7  
Description: It is an amazing fact to realize that the Noah’s ark can be readily proven via scientific fact and findings. People have found traces of the wood from Noah’s ark on mount Arafat and the countries surrounding the findings are closed to scientific research of this nature for it will shed light on the true ownership of the Land of Israel. There are many theories surrounding all the facets of the true story of Noah and the great flood that occurred. One states that the valley where Noah lived was flooded but if that was the fact then God could have simply told him to go over to an mountain ridge nearby or over to another valley. Also Many findings of the different coruscations of the earth and layers that occur over time show what was found on each layer, but interestingly there are trees and other objects that go through many of the layers of even so called “millions” of years. These inconsistencies really speak against what some scientists call fact. Chuck believes that the Noah story is not a good story to use for the proof of the rapture because God is more merciful then just saving that few. And that is a better picture of those who will be saved through the tribulation ie 140,000. And Enoch is a more better picture of the rapture of the church in Chuck’s eyes.
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