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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Genesis 1:1-18

 (Through The Bible) Genesis 1:1-18 by Chuck Smith

Topic: Creation
Scripture(s): Genesis 1:1-18  
Description: Did God create just the heavens and the earth, as stated in Genesis 1:1, and then was forced to stop by satan's rebellion in Heaven? Are the heavens billions of years old or a mere 10,000 years young? What are the statistical chances of life beginning by accident? What kind of plants and animals existed before the creation of man? What about dinosaurs and other strange creatures preserved in fossil records? Is there any thing to evolution? Pastor Smith attempts to answer these questions and many more in his fascinating study of the earliest days of creation.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Pastor Chuck, "Gap" Theorist, old agers 
What a heartbreak to listen to a pastor I have respected for years and fine that he professes belief in the "Gap" Theory and agrees with the evolutionists on an old age of the earth. I am disappointed in Pastor Chuck's adding to Scriptures to fit his belief system. I have heard him referred to as a Bible Literalist. If you add to the first verse of the Bible, which the entire Bible rests upon, how can you be called a literalist. I guess this has been a belief he has professed for years and I am at fault for not having done my research on his belief system before. To his credit, he does a very good explanation of the "Gap" theory for those who are interested.

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