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 The Character, Power and Ambition of Christ by David Smithers

Scripture(s): 1 Chronicles 29:1, John 16:13-14, Luke 24:46  
Description: David Smithers focuses on the primary purpose why we have been created--for God's glory and pleasure, expressed by three primary values: the character of Christ, the power of the Spirit of Christ and the ambition of Christ to evangelize the lost. Smithers surveys the potential pitfalls that happen to Christians in each area and how to keep one's spiritual life on track in those essential things.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Great message on majoring on the majors 
There were a lot of great truths expressed towards those who have served the Lord zealously to avoid spiritual elitism, making others feel small, emphasizing parts of the Spirit rather than the Person of the Spirit, and a number of things. Ouch! These are subtle things that creep in; it's good to have lights like this to shine on the corruption so we can change. This was a great word on keeping the main priorities and how coming up short in any one them effects the other two.

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