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 Thanksgiving of Paul for the Saints by David Smithers

Topic: Thanksgiving
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 1:4, Philemon 1:4, Philippians 1:3-6  
Description: "[Paul's] thankfulness and his perspective about people that he was ministering to," David Smithers shares, "gave him the power to influence and have authority in people's lives." He goes on to share how a heart of gratefulness and thankfulness, not griping and complaining, is what consumed the apostle. Do we have those same apostolic priorities in our relating to brothers and sisters in Christ's body?
Sermon Comments (1)

 Powerful! Challenging! 
Wow, this was a very a convicting sermon, but hit right on the heart of true ministry. We really don't have much effectiveness if we don't have the gratefulness and thankfulness for others. David Smithers really put together a great study of Paul's thankfulness from the epistles and brought it down to practical terms what we should be and strive for.

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