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Audio Sermons : Roy Hession :  The Power of Sin

 The Power of Sin by Roy Hession

Topic: Power of Sin
Scripture(s): Romans 6:14-23  
Description: Pastor Hession reveals that this chapter of Romans is the charter for the freedom of the saints. First the dominion of sin is the guilt of sin which is the same as the power of sin, sin has power over us when we feel the guilt that comes with it, and the passage of time does nothing to releave the power of sin over us to make us feel condemned. Secondly to be under the Law means that we are trying to please God by trying to keep the moral Law which cannot be done thus the law is the power of sin, as we try and keep the law and fail the guilt , or power, of sin increases on us, we thus end up feeling so condemned that we think that bit of extra sin cannot make a bad situation worse. Thirdly though despite all this we are under grace, not the dominion of sin, neither the law but grace! The grace of God is shown in that even though we deserve Hell He gives us love and mercy. Finally to reckon ourselves dead to sin means to realise sin has no more power to condemn us because of the work of the Lord Jesus on the cross of calvary.
Sermon Comments (2)

 what a blessing 
Roy Hessian really helps untangle the believer from the accusations and the condemnation of the enemy. This message.just untangled me from a web of shame the enemy has wrapped around me for.the past 6months! I thank God so much for leading me to this sight and to this message. I can't explain how it just happened but I'm sure God will use it powerfully in you too. This sermon is a total blessing.

 Dominion of sin is actually the gate of your spirit 
Dominion of sin over you is actually the gate in which the evil ones can cause you to lose the power of righteousness or at least cause you to doubt its power when we are feeling wretched. We are to die unto the power of sin over us, it cannot condemn us anymore. Do not let Satan accuse you over and over by allowing sin to get a foothold in your life. Do not torcher yourself by allowing sin to have dominion over you.

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