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 Soldiers by B.H. Clendennen

Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Scripture(s): 2 Timothy 2:3  
Description: Preaching with great unction this brother calls the Church to righteousness and holy living. Using illustrations concerning his former life in the military, he describes the warfare we experience as Christians, and the life that we should be living. Do we realize Who it is we take orders from? Do we realize who the real enemy is? Do we understand that if we love the world we are God's enemies? Listen to this message.
Sermon Comments (6)

This is a mighty sermon preached by a true "soldier of Christ". This message, preached in an open air tent crusade in the Bronx, New York, 1982, changed many lives then and is still urging hearts to more devoted and disciplined walk with God. We must be stirred.

 this is the kinda preaching you'll find in the bible 
man, this sermon changed my life once. i can't imagine what would happen if just 1/10 of the pastors in America would love the Lord, and serve Him the way Clendennen does, and has. this message was an unction of the Holy Ghost. powerful, and authoritative.. THIS IS CLASSICAL, TRUE PENTECOSTAL PREACHING.. like Clendennen says "let the church be the church".. and if that happened, if the church was to be the church, then revival would be everywhere we looked.. we need this kind of preaching, and this kind of message preached from every pulpit in the USA today. this is one of the greatest sermons i've ever heard, and i've heard a lot..

What a man of God. He preached this message again and I was fortunate enough to be there and hear it live. His ministry shows us what a man can do if he gives himself completely to Jesus. Jamey

 I want to be a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ 
This Message is profound. Every Christian should listen to it. Nellie

 5 stars deserved 
One of the best sermons no doubt on practicle, will powered, Christ serving war-fare. A very inspiring listion. I highly recommend for the slouch. BUT DO TAKE HEED, only the HOLY SPIRIT mortifies sins, not our will power. We can do nothing without Christ and his Holy SPirit :) 5 starz

 Must Hear!!! 
What a message! This sermon needs to be displayed on the front of this website. No one preaches like Bro. Clendenon Robin

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